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eKomi Cloud WiFi - Free WiFi for your guests EUR


You are not only an online business but you also have an offline presence? Do you want more reviews and also want to leverage your walk-ins?

eKomi Cloud WiFi can help you to offer free WiFi to your guests while collecting genuine reviews seamlessly. 


  • High-performance WiFi Hotspot
  • Completely customizable login page without any design restrictions
  • Customer Feedback Collection and Management
  • GDPR compliance. The highest levels of security and data protection
  • Cool Down Function. Determine for how long a user must pause between sessions. 
  • Dynamic Expiry. Your customer’s surfing time is highly customizable. Create refined rules for customer’s surfing time and re-connection.
  • Opening Hours Control. Outside the opening hours no connection is possible. The user is shown the time when it is possible to log in again.
  • Remember Me functionality. The system automatically determines remaining time and data volume and automatically reconnects your customer to ensure a best in class surfing experience, even across different locations.
  • Customizable eKomi Cloud WiFi Analytics Dashboard
  • WiFi4EU requirements fulfillment
  • Flexible and individual setting options
  • Marketing automation

Your benefits

  • Secure and free Internet for your guests/customers/patients
  • Automatic review generation
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Know the amount of walk-ins for your business

Recommended for

  • Businesses that have physical locations
  • Gastronomy and hotel businesses
  • Retail companies of any size
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Healthcare companies (practices, hospitals, nursing homes) 
  • Educational institutions
  • Public transport