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Review Hub - Split Your Traffic EUR


Have you ever faced the problem that you stand out, for example, on Google, but not on Tripadvisor? Does your company work with multiple review platforms in different countries? You don’t really know which one is working best?

Our Review Hub is the solution for you, it enables you to gain control over your online reputation by selecting portals that matter to you.


  • Traffic redirection to up to 5 platforms/sites
  • Select the % of traffic for each platform 
  • Enable/disable traffic split functionality
  • Enable/disable conditional flow
  • Enable/disable review link expiry and set up expiry days number
  • Enable/disable “skip form” functionality
  • Activate/deactivate Google Maps deep link

Your benefits

  • Stellar online reputation on all the platforms
  • One-fits-all solution
  • Control and improve your online reputation

Recommended for

  • Any business that is listed on multiple platforms